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With running longer distances comes the need for better, smarter fueling.

Being vegan for the last few years has opened up the flood gates of possibilities and options. I have discovered foods I probably never would have tried if it wasn’t for this. I am therefore always on the lookout for something new that could possibly be added to my everyday lifestyle or my running regime.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a product called Fria’s Superfoods where I met the owner and creator of these delicious superfood treats. After a little chit chat and product info I proceeded to taste some of the samples on hand, Each one had its unique flavor with mouth-watering results., Mere words cannot describe the symphony of flavors carefully and clearly lovingly blended into these little cups of joy. After the tasting was done I had decided that the Snickers Cake cup was the winner for me. Being a massive peanut butter fan it simply won me over.

The Snickers Cake cup consists of (you guessed it): peanut butter, dates, cacao, toasted coconut, roasted red skin peanuts, vanilla and Himalayan salt. One mind blowing combination of endurance fueling pleasure in a cup. These can be enjoyed before a run , during a run or even post run.


I first tried it post run/swim and found it to be extremely revitalizing. My next test was to see how I felt whilst running. Boy o boy I had no idea what I was in for! So an hour and a half into my run I stopped and had half a cup. One of my friends said it best …. “it looks like someone switched the lights on in your eyes”. It gave me instant energy that kept increasing as it digested, holding me on a consistent level for the next hour and a half with a slow taper. I experienced no spike or then sudden drop in energy whatsoever. To be honest, there was no need for me to eat the other half – I did so purely because it’s so damn nice.

Not your conventional race food but then again I am not your conventional runner…This will definitely be the start of a long love affair with Snickers Cake cups.

For those of you wanting to eat cleaner and who would like to try them please visit link below. https://friassuperfoods.co.za/

PS. Think of it this way: if you’re not in the mood for a run, the Snickers Cake cup sure is a great motivator and awesome post run reward on those shorter runs.

Cost efective
Energy in abundance
No refined sugars
Keeps cramping at bay
Replacement of electrolytes
Natural fats
No tummy issues
Vegan friendly

Need a spoon to eat.

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The Running Underdog – Craig Scholtz


I love the treats – they’re guilt-free and really innovative. It’s great to be part of a local brand that cares about the food they create and can come up with really cute treats!

Michelle October – Writer at Women’s Health and Fria’s superfoods ambassador


Eating clean is incredibly important to me – not just because it helps me maintain the body I want, but because I actually used to make myself ill when I consumed refined carbohydrates and sugar. Growing up on a carbohydrate-heavy diet, I always thought it was normal to have an upset stomach after eating. Low and behold, when I finally found the willpower to cut out carbs completely in my mid-twenties, those stomach issues disappeared. I also know that cutting sugar has been instrumental in keeping my weight where I want it. Now, when I do have sugar, I feel jittery and get headaches.

Fria’s superfoods allows me to indulge in yummy treats guilt free!!!

Kelsey Egan – Fria’s superfoods ambassador (Age 32)


Thanks so much for the superfoods!  Myself and Leah are making our way through them… she loves the mango bites… which is a problem because I do too!

Karen – Gymnastics coach (Age 25) and Leah (Age 1)


I have mad love for your products, and I want to spread and share this love! I strongly believe in the motivation behind the brand – feeding your body with “real food” doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too! I am excited to play a role in growing the brand and getting more people acquainted with these guilt-free treats that simply make your tummy sing.

Kathy Lee – Fria’s superfoods ambassador and Pole dancer (Age 32)


That sad moment when the goodie box is empty. How does one manage until the next week? The struggle is real.

Thanks again Fria’s superfoods for the healthy treats that are consistently damn good. To top it all, it tastes better than the sugary processed stuff, is actually good for you and has different textures. If you haven’t tasted Fria’s superfoods, you are missing out, but be careful, you will get hooked!

Eveshen Ponnusamy – Actuarial Analyst (Age 30)


Instead of reaching for biscuits and brownies I enjoy Fria’s superfoods snacks on their own or as a tea time or coffee break snack.  My favourites are the lemon bliss balls and black bean truffles!  They’re made per order so they’re always fresh.

I was sceptical at first because like most people I was used to healthy, gluten free, sugar free, chocolate free snacks and foods being pricey and tasting like cardboard. But Fria’s superfoods are delicious and affordable.

She uses good quality ingredients and the treats are sweet, chewy and delicious. ..it’s really hard to believe that they contain no salt, sugars, artifical sweeteners or gluten…instead they contain honey, nuts, pea protein, coconut oil and a host of other ingredients that when they come together yummy little treats are born that are good for you.

Fria’s superfoods can really be enjoyed by anyone and everyone…not only those on strict eating plans.

They will be a treasure find for anyone looking for healthier but good tasting snacking options and definitely heaven sent for those who have many food allergies.

Shanawaz Begum Aziz – Claims handler (Age 30)