IN MY KITCHEN: Happy Earth Ladies Taleszia and Candice

According to Taleszia, the idea behind Happy Earth People came to her when she was meditating one night.  She realised that we need to reconnect to our earth and to how we eat.  And she knew exactly how that could be done – with the humble legume.


MEDIA: I Love Foodies Review

Superfoods. They’re kind of a thing. Ever since I did my juice cleanse not too long ago, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with healthy eating. I’d say this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a difficult thing if you consider how sugar-and-additive-laden modern products are. And if they’re not, well, then often they’re just really yuk (I’m generalising here). But yay for me (being a foodie and all), I stumbled upon a Cape Town start-up called Fria’s Superfoods that aims to rectify this problem by producing delicious treats that are actually good for you!