FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Alternatives to dairy milk

If you were born in the 20th century then GOT only means one thing to you - Khaleesi and her dragons, Cersei and Jon Snow. Some of us older folk still remember the infamous commercial directed by Michael Bay and got milk fondly.


FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Himalayan crystal salt

Himalayan crystal salt is one of my most favourite ingredients. I’ve been using it for what feels like forever… and because it’s THE best salt on the planet I use it in all of my treats! THINK ABOUT IT Over millions of years salt has become a key ingredient in the human diet. Today the … Continue reading FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Himalayan crystal salt


Coconut oil is a great substitute for the oils we usually use for baking. Sure, there are good oils like avocado, olive and sesame but they don't taste nearly as good! Coconut oil is made from the white flesh of mature, brown coconuts and although a saturated fat, studies have found that there are many … Continue reading FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil


Avocados can be pretty pricey which is why some restaurants will only give you this lovely squishy fruit on your pizza when they are in season.  I just can't imagine my banoclate or peppermint mousse cakes without their rich chocolaty avocado mousse layers so you will always find me at the store buying these babies in bulk when they are on special.