MEDIA: Finding Frost Review

"I went to spend a morning in the kitchen of Fria, from Fria’s Superfoods and we made all sorts of yummy goodies and WOW, YUM! One thing that really stuck out for me was her creativity – even when she was baking the non-healthy treats, she still oozed creativity and spark. A natural baker I would say! … Continue reading MEDIA: Finding Frost Review


The 9 things I learnt from my detox with Finding Frost

What have I learned during my five day detox with Finding Frost? 1. I am totally addicted to sugar I couldn't even last three days without cheating!  I will have to go back to the basics and wean myself off sugar again.  I did very well for a few months, but once you fall off … Continue reading The 9 things I learnt from my detox with Finding Frost

Detox with Finding Frost: Day 2

It feels like I am complaining a lot on this detox and I haven’t even been on it for that long. It makes me admire the Muslims who fast for a whole month during Ramadan so much more. At least I am still eating and drinking. They are not putting anything in their bodies from sunrise to sunset for a whole month! No tea to warm you up. No comforting soup. Nothing!