In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen is a brand new short blog series that I created for purely selfish reasons.

Each month I will feature a woman who visited me in my kitchen in the early hours of the morning (not that early, like 7 am early).  We will make a few of Fria’s treats together, swap our life stories and hopefully have a lot of fun in the process.  She can be a sportswoman, magazine editor, dog walker or store owner, it doesn’t matter.  What I am interested in is chatting to women who are working hard creating a brand for themselves and who shows that passion and love for their work in their everyday actions.

I will selfishly exploit my time in the kitchen with them because they will probably still be half asleep and give away all their trade secrets, ha!

The spectacular duo behind the popular Wellness in the City blog were treated to my Snickers Cake Cups while telling me about their day jobs, looking extremely fab while doing so!


Marisa Logan and Nicole Lupton, founders of Wellness in the City

Have a look at my previous guests for In My Kitchen:

Aneeka Buys FitGirl

Aneeka Buys: Founder of Fitgirl Enterprises


Sachi Okada: Founder of The Thrive

Finding Frost-Square-8

Drue Frost: Founder of Finding Frost


Angela and Saskia: Mostly Mindful

Jason Hermann Photography - Benike Palfi 56

Benike Palfi: I Love Foodies

If you would like to feature in an In My Kitchen post or would like to recommend someone I should interview, please let me know by filling in the contact form below:

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