Sean Andrew Sanders

Sean was born and bred in Joburg and moved down to Cape Town when he was eighteen to continue his studies. In his own words “this is when life got really interesting” … he was approached on a rugby field by a scout at around the same time that some very serious injuries were about to end his rugby career and the rest, as they say, is history.

As an international model, Sean has graced the covers of Men’s Health and Runners World, and worked on campaigns for the likes of Adidas, Polo, Trent, Jockey, TM Lewin, Daniel Hechter, Ann Summers, Reebok, Leonardo and more.

As a finance honours graduate, today he is working on pursuing his passion for business and finance whilst modelling part time. Sure, modelling requires him to stay fit and trim but as a bit of a fitness addict in his spare time he works out, does yoga, runs, hikes, cycles, swims and trains in martial arts.


Picture credits:  Garreth Barclay

If you don’t have health then what do you have – I really do believe that health is wealth!

Fria’s superfoods: It seems that, a bit like me, you have really varied interests. I’m an actuary by day and a healthy treat maker by night. You’re in finance full-time and a part-time model… are there any other jobs we don’t know about?

Sean SandersIn what feels like a past life I worked as a waiter and did a bit of time as a sales rep. Besides modelling I’ve also dabbled in acting, and then more recently I’ve become a trader, a portfolio manager and a financial analyst. The journey of life!

Fria’s superfoods: Shoo. And I believe that as a model you’ve travelled quite a bit. Where to?

Sean SandersModelling is a fantastic profession if you love to travel. I’ve been to hundreds of beautiful places around the world for ‘work’ but my favourites include Verona in Italy, Berne in Switzerland, and Majorca in Spain.

Fria’s superfoods: Lucky fish! So, through all of that what do you think has been your biggest achievement in life?

Sean SandersObtaining summa cum laude in my final year of finance, thanks to my honours dissertation. I know it’s not glamourous but the amount of time, sweat and tears that went into that paper was something to be proud of!

Fria’s superfoods: And what has been your biggest challenge EVER?

Sean Sanders: Again, a fairly nerdy response but I have to say – challenging myself to finish all three CFA exams in the shortest space of time. Twenty-months later I had achieved this with an enormous roller-coaster ride of emotions in-between.

Fria’s superfoods: I’m sure that as a male model you must have loads of stories. What do you recall as your most embarrassing moment?

Sean SandersFunny enough it doesn’t have anything to do with modelling. My most embarrassing moment was getting into a tussle with a bouncer at a Cape Town night club a few years ago. I’ll leave out the specifics, but I guess there was still some ‘Joburg’ left in me that needed to get out, hahaha.

No really, fighting is stupid. Full stop!

Fria’s superfoods: I agree, so we’ll just move swiftly along 😊 Why the big focus on being healthy?

Sean SandersI really do believe that health is wealth! If you don’t have your health, then what do you have? I believe that if your health is not your top priority then you’re setting yourself up for catastrophe.

Picture credit:  Byron L Keulemans

Fria’s superfoods: Are there any healthy products out there that you love and that we should know about? Or any advice on healthy living?

Sean SandersI am a Vibrant Health fanatic, I don’t think there’s any other wellness brand in the world that can compete with their quality and high standards. I would recommend trying out three of their products – the Vibrant Health Pro Matcha protein, Natural Vibrance daily shake and the Green Vibrance.

As for advice: I strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle rather than the on-off diet approach society adopts.

Fria’s superfoods: We’ll end with the most important question of all, shall we?! Why did you want to become an ambassador for Fria’s Superfoods?

Sean SandersFria’s Superfoods is a brand that stands for everything that I believe in. I want a product that is nutritious and doesn’t take shortcuts like so many other commercial health brands do. It’s an honest product that is delicious AND that’s good for you – what more could you ask for?

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