What is a brand if you do not have people that believe in it as well?  I would like to introduce you to my ambassadors of whom I am extremely proud! Each one of them is a unique representation of the people in my life.  The fact that they also like my food is an extra bonus!

Scroll down to find out more about the Fria’s Superfoods ambassadors.

Ashley William Robinson

Ashley William Robinson was born and raised in Paarl in the Western Cape. In his youth, Ashley used sport to escape his negative surroundings and to live a life that he could be proud of. At the age of five he started Martial Arts, but instead of merely training he began competing and grading. After … Continue reading Ashley William Robinson

Sean Andrew Sanders

Sean was born and bred in Joburg and moved down to Cape Town when he was eighteen to continue his studies. In his own words “this is when life got really interesting” … he was approached on a rugby field by a scout at around the same time that some very serious injuries were about … Continue reading Sean Andrew Sanders

Dominique Beneli Lamon

I firmly believe that health = wealth and happiness, and it all begins with slowing down to enjoy every moment of your life. It starts from the inside out… I can’t start my day without a workout and I’m positive that what we fuel our bodies with is super important because how these two things make me feel daily is beneficial.


Kelsey Egan

Eating clean is incredibly important to me, not just because it helps me maintain the body I want, but because I actually used to make myself ill when I consumed refined carbohydrates and sugar. I also know that cutting sugar has been instrumental in keeping my weight where I want it. Now, when I do have sugar, I feel jittery and get headaches.

Fria’s superfoods allows me to indulge in yummy treats guilt free!!!


Kathy Lee

I have mad love for your products, and I want to spread and share this love! I strongly believe in the motivation behind the brand – feeding your body with “real food” doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too! I am excited to play a role in growing the brand and getting more people acquainted with these guilt-free treats that simply make your tummy sing.


Michelle October

I love the treats – they’re guilt-free and really innovative. It’s great to be part of a local brand that cares about the food they create and can come up with really cute treats!


DeVille van Niekerk

Once I tasted one of your delicacies I was so hooked! And like you, I also have a sweet tooth and I really enjoy a delicious treat. But my body just doesn’t perform well when it’s been stuffed with sugars, refined this and processed that. When I’ve had some of your snacks before or after a workout they’ve been a perfect complement to the training. I never feel sluggish or bloated, I have sustained energy and best of all they just taste so damn good that I have zero desire to go pack away a chocolate bar or piece of cake.