MEDIA: Finding Frost Review

"I went to spend a morning in the kitchen of Fria, from Fria’s Superfoods and we made all sorts of yummy goodies and WOW, YUM! One thing that really stuck out for me was her creativity – even when she was baking the non-healthy treats, she still oozed creativity and spark. A natural baker I would say! … Continue reading MEDIA: Finding Frost Review


MEDIA: The Running Underdog takes Fria’s on a run

Craig Scholtz, also known as the Running Underdog tested the snickers cake cup during one of his longer runs.  Craig is a long distance runner that easily puts a 32 kilometers under his belt before you've even had your breakfast.  He recently decided to follow a vegan lifestyle and that is how the two of us met.  He decided to take a snickers cup with him on one of his runs and this is his experience.