Mom, Be The Bomb!

For adults - sugar is bad news and it’s the same, if not worse, for children. Such bad news, in fact, that it’s been likened to alcohol for kids! Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, hyperactivity and increase the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Yet experts say parents have no idea that all that sugar can also cause other chronic— albeit avoidable —health problems. These ‘avoidable health problems’ include weakened immunity, miserable cold and flu-like symptoms, acid reflux, troubled breathing, poor sleep and -surprisingly - a lack of appetite.


Fancy a healthy vegan cake pop?

Meat and dairy products have become less fashionable as more information is presented about the benefits that come from substituting the meats for the beets, the hams for the yams, the cheese for the “kale please”, and the dairy milk for the… well, a plant-based milk substitute. The evidence is undeniable; research shows that leading a vegan life gives a health kick to the individuals, the animals (obviously) and the environment.

FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Himalayan crystal salt

Himalayan crystal salt is one of my most favourite ingredients. I’ve been using it for what feels like forever… and because it’s THE best salt on the planet I use it in all of my treats! THINK ABOUT IT Over millions of years salt has become a key ingredient in the human diet. Today the … Continue reading FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Himalayan crystal salt

SAVE: Get R75 discount on your first Orderin Order

These days I find that my time has become invaluable.  There are so many things that I will not do because driving there/finding parking/waiting in line will take up too much of my precious time.  When you work full-time and you run your own business, 30 spare minutes is a lot! That's where Orderin comes … Continue reading SAVE: Get R75 discount on your first Orderin Order