Mom, Be The Bomb!

While trying to convince a young child to eat his broccoli might be as difficult as getting a student to do their homework without procrastinating; thanks to Fria, trying to get him to eat healthy food need not be such an impossible task.

Fria’s treats mean that when your little one goes for the tasty food, it does not result in them noshing on the bouncing-off-the-wall-while-throwing-a-tantrum-and-yelling-at-everything sugary nonsense.

For adults – sugar is bad news and it’s the same, if not worse, for children. Such bad news, in fact, that it’s been likened to alcohol for kids! Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, hyperactivity and increase the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Yet experts say parents have no idea that all that sugar can also cause other chronic— albeit avoidable —health problems. These ‘avoidable health problems’ include weakened immunity, miserable cold and flu-like symptoms, acid reflux, troubled breathing, poor sleep and -surprisingly – a lack of appetite.

And because it’s avoidable, it makes it all the worse when Mom is annoyed after hyped-up Timmy has destroyed the house and is now suffering from a sore tum.


Imagine the option where instead of inhaling concerning sugar levels, young Timmy can be calmly grazing – the sweet little so-and-so – on some honest-to-goodness healthy Superfoodie yums. Imagine little Timmy telling you that his favourite treat is free from sugar, gluten, egg, and all the other nasties. Picture a world where his go-to tasty treat is homemade, healthy and wholesome. And that the food that he loves loves him back.

Imagine him polite and angelic in the morning before school:

“Mom, did you remember to pack a Fria’s Coconut Bomb and Brownie in my lunchbox?”

Well, you need not imagine anymore.

With Fria’s Superfoods, you can pack the bomb and be ‘the bomb‘ at the same time.

– Words by Becky Leighton


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