Coloring for stress relief – for moms & tots


Remember the stress of being a kid? Yeah, me neither, because the little tikes have nought to worry about but having fun and looking for original ways to annoy their siblings or parents.

Imagine having something that can transport you back to a youthful calm, with not a care in the world. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well imagine no more, because we have something that can take you back to that place of serenity without offering something bad for you – or illegal – and without breaking the bank.

We present to you the artful activity of coloring; a delight which helps one unwind like a fresh-out-the-packet Crayola.

While people tend to pack away the coloring books when they step out of their childhood, it’s a recommendation for adults to take a leaf out of children’s books and pick up the crayons again. Adult coloring has recently become a popular activity for those who are in need of some downtime and for good reason – it’s an effortless task with great reward.

The benefits are also backed up by cyan-ce. Studies show that those who opt to grab the coloring pencils every now and again tend to be more at ease in general aspects of life than those who always reach for the work-dependent highlighter:

Coloring has a de-stressing effect because when we focus on a particular activity, we focus on it and not on our worries. But it also brings out our imagination and takes us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress.

It is not only thoroughly therapeutic; it’s got brain benefits too! The creativity behind coloring leads one to use both sides of the brain, which works on problem-solving while refining motor skills.

With compatible colors complimenting your health, you don’t need to be green with envy at your friends who seem to radiate the feelings of tranquility. You too can get ‘em here AND you get to show off a damn cool-looking picture afterward.


And, of course, when the children join in the activity, things get even better…


Despite what it might seem, having the little ones around while you cook is not only a great way for you to bond with them, it’s helpful for them in later life. While there might be the risk of tears over spilt milk, the risk of a young adult with no kitchen skills is far more dangerous.

Even with the knives, heat and clumsy fingers, a child hanging around in the kitchen leads to a recipe for success for their relationship with cooking and with food on a fundamental level.

Keeping the kids around while you tend to the greens, beans and sardines helps create a flair for preparing some fine feasts. At the very least, having them around ensures that they know the difference between a waffle and a falafel.

And what better way to keep them busy and safe in the kitchen than to have them learn with a fun and playful activity? Fria’s illustrated recipe coloring books are the perfect set up for this, with a blend of creativity and education to provide parents with a way of keeping the kiddies entertained without sticking them in front of the television.

It turns out that those who spend time passively learning about food as children – such as looking at and engaging with pictures – are radically better at eating well. A quick taster of statistics shows it: among young adults, 31% with high food preparation skills eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day compared to a meagre 3% of those with low skills.

Luckily, getting them to that high skilled status isn’t difficult at all. It’s an effortless process of putting a coloring book in front of them and letting them discover the pleasing opportunity of good food by themselves.

And if they want to color a carrot purple, then… well, then they might need this more than you knew.

Order Fria’s Superfoods Kids’ Illustrated Recipe Coloring Book here…

– Words by Becky Leighton


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