Fancy a healthy vegan cake pop?

“Fancy a healthy vegan cake pop?”…

A suggestion that is literally almost never met with a frown because of three truths:

  • A vegan lifestyle has become trendy
  • Vegan food is tasty
  • Vegan food is damn tasty

Meat and dairy products have become less fashionable as more information is presented about the benefits that come from substituting the meats for the beets, the hams for the yams, the cheese for the “kale please”, and the dairy milk for the… well, a plant-based milk substitute.

The evidence is undeniable; research shows that leading a vegan life gives a health kick to the individuals, the animals (obviously) and the environment. Check it out:

“Researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by up to 73%.”

If everyone stopped eating animal-based foods, it was found that the farmland globally could be reduced by 75%. That is the size of the US, China, Australia and the EU combined.

And the personal benefits of switching to plant-based foods, you ask?

“A diet without any meat or dairy products is likely to contain a lot less saturated fat, which is related to increased cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart disease.”

Luckily, going vegan doesn’t need to be boring (if it was, would it really be trendy?) and now more than ever, the most tantalizing morsels are available to snack on to satiate those cravings and provide all the protein needed.

And even more luckily, all of Fria’s Superfoods delicious treats are plant-based bites of goodness and  made with the utmost love; cutting out the bad stuff and only keeping the good.

That means sugar, dairy, egg, gluten and (most importantly) guilt-free.


– Words by Becky Leighton



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