Coconut oil is a great substitute for the oils we usually use for baking. Sure, there are good oils like avocado, olive and sesame but they don’t taste nearly as good!

Coconut oil is made from the white flesh of mature, brown coconuts and although a saturated fat, studies have found that there are many benefits to consuming it; never mind the hundred other uses for it – moisturiser, exfoliator, toothpaste, make-up remover, hair conditioner, laundry detergent, furniture polish and more.

In terms of eating it: coconut oil benefits your brain, heart and joints. It’s said to balance hormones, boost digestion, balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, arthritis and osteoporosis, lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, burn fat and increase energy levels.

Can you think of any other food substance that can do all that?

I use coconut oil in my treats because, well, all of the above.  It also adds a smooth texture to the final product and it sticks all the other ingredients together…

This is around the time I usually highlight one of the treats that I use coconut oil in but, to be honest, almost all my treats do!

Have a look at the specs on these “bad” boys: Lemon bliss balls, Matcha mint and liquorice balls, Snickers cake cup, Peppermint mousse cake cup and the Banoclate cake cup.

One of my absolute favourite treats to make isn’t one you can find in retail stores, and if you want them in your goodie boxes you have to order them especially… they’re like a ‘limited edition’ treat made of coconut oil, toasted coconut, activated cashews or almonds, xylitol, Young Living peppermint essential oil, Vibrant Health ProMatcha, raw cacao powder, 100% chocolate and cacao nibs. They are my Peppermint sandwiches.

You could try making a version of them yourself at home with this illustrated recipe!  This is also a perfect keto/banting treat if you are on a high-fat/low carb diet.

Minty Spirulina Coconut Sandwiches (Order them here)

landscape recipe colour small

Love my illustrated recipes?  You can now order them in sets of 5!  They are printed on beautiful strong paper the size of a post card.  They work beautifully as gifts, to keep them on hand on the refrigerator or to keep in your recipe book!  Order your box sets here.


If a big A4 print hanging in your kitchen is more your idea then you can order them from my shop on Etsy.


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