IN MY KITCHEN: Lauren Marsh

When my crazy “new food radar” picked up Aceso Fire Tonic™ around June of last year I dropped everything and made contact with Lauren Marsh immediately.  I just had to try this mixture of everything that I knew was good for you and I wasn’t going to waste a minute to get to meet the brew master in person.  Two weeks later we were sitting in my kitchen swapping healthy treats for fire tonic.  Don’t ask me why this blog is only published almost a year later, I’ve been busy!


Aceso Fire Tonics

Lauren brought me a bottle of two of her batches (the benefits of inviting people over to your house, you get products!).  The one consisted of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, ginger, red and green chillies, garlic, honey and mint.  The other one was a special batch, which included turmeric and orange.  I thought they were both divine and easily drank a shot.  My housemate found it less tasty, but she’s also slightly wimpish when it comes to health elixirs!


Lauren Marsh, CEO and brew master at Aceso Fire Tonic

Lauren didn’t just decide that she was going to make a fire tonic.  It was a very personal journey that forced her to find a solution that worked for her.  She suffered from Candida overgrowth and indigestion for years and no medication or antibiotics seemed to help, so she decided to do something herself that corrected her gut health.  She decided to study nutritional therapy, became a personal trainer and found something called a fire tonic.  She started brewing her own and when she realised there wasn’t anything like it on the market in South Africa she decided to close the gap.

Lauren cuts all of the vegetables for each batch herself and then macerates all the ingredients using raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar for 6-8 weeks.  Have you ever tried cutting up a ton of chilies, ginger and garlic?  Neither have I, and I don’t plan to.  That’s why we have Lauren doing it for us!  I find a clove of garlic and a ginger root hassle enough already.

I forgot to ask Lauren if she’s ever had some bad experiences with the chillies, but I’ll be sure to include that in the next blog I write, haha!


A Fire Tonic (also known as a tincture) is an ancient old folk health elixir, used to boost immunity and ward off sickness.

Fire tonics are actually not something new and has been used for ages as a health tonic to boost immunity.  There are numerous recipes using different ingredients, but there are some base ingredients that are usually included in a fire tonic such as apple cider vinegar, vegetables and herbs.  I even tried my own recipe and thought it came out quite well, but not nearly as tasty as Lauren’s batches!

If you are wondering why this mixture of vegetables and herbs turns into a tonic, then the answer is lacto fermentation.  Lacto means lactic acid, which I always perceived as stuff that you don’t want in your muscles, but apparently you do want in your tonic.  All fruits and vegetables have beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus on the surface. In an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, these bacteria convert sugars into lactic acid, which inhibits harmful bacteria and acts as a preservative, resulting in a “tonic” with lots of live, beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Lauren also recently launched a health and wellness program called How She Glows.  It’s an eating program that shows women a way to love themselves, love what they eat and never follow a diet program again.

If you want to find out where you can buy your Aceso Fire Tonic, you can find it all over South Africa at most health and wellness shops, but you can also double check here.


I don’t use any apple cider vinegar, garlic or ginger in my treats!  That’s why they are so super tasty and sweet.  How about a caramel banana desert covered in some healthy avocado mousse to eat after your shot of Aceso?  Order your banoclate cake cups with me be emailing or buy at select retailers.




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