CATERING: Feeding the little people with Fria’s

One child with a bad reaction to refined sugar is bad enough but imagine ten children on a sugar high bouncing around the garden, screeching at the top of their lungs, unable to hit the breaks or use logic and reason because all that sugar has dulled the responsiveness of their developing minds.

Maybe it’s just one afternoon at a birthday party, or maybe you deal with this on an almost daily basis; either way, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Less sugar and more nutritious alternatives are definitely the way to go for growing little people.


It’s easy and fun concocting recipes, and as long as they’re still scrumptious your kids will have no idea they’re eating a better and healthier version of a sugary treat.  Think coconut and coconut oil, dates, nuts, bananas, and natural flavourings like burnt coffee, salted caramel, liquorice and peppermint.


My absolute favourite kiddie treat I’ve dubbed “melt-in-your-mouth, bite size pieces of heaven” and they are my Coconut Bombs. Not only are they the perfect banting/keto dessert for adults, they’re also a delicious sugar-, dairy-, egg- and gluten-free treat for kids. To make pink coconut bombs, I use beetroot juice, turmeric creates a lovely yellow hue, carrot juice assists in my orange creations, spirulina makes a lovely grassy green colour and for purple I use pulped blackberry.


As you can tell, experimenting in the kitchen excites me. And I absolutely love playing around with treats based on party themes!


Luckily for moms who are super-busy or hate spending what little quality time they have in the kitchen, Fria’s Superfoods is available to cater for kid’s parties.


And I have a way to keep the little ones busy too. I have some cute little illustrated recipes that can be turned into a colour-in book. Check them out!

Love my illustrated recipes?  You can now order them in sets of 5!  They are printed on beautiful strong paper the size of a post card.  They work beautifully as gifts, to keep them on hand on the refrigerator or to keep in your recipe book!  Order your box sets here.


If a big A4 print hanging in your kitchen is more your idea then you can order them from my shop on Etsy.


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