MEDIA: I Love Foodies Review



Picture credit: Benike Palfi

Living the Good Life with Fria’s Superfoods.

“Superfoods. They’re kind of a thing. Ever since I did my juice cleanse not too long ago, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with healthy eating. I’d say this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a difficult thing if you consider how sugar-and-additive-laden modern products are. And if they’re not, well, then often they’re just really yuk (I’m generalising here). But yay for me (being a foodie and all), I stumbled upon a Cape Town start-up called Fria’s Superfoods that aims to rectify this problem by producing delicious treats that are actually good for you!

Now, I’d heard about Fria’s Superfoods quite a bit in the last few weeks as some of my favourite people in the world act as ambassadors for her brand. So when I got the chance to meet the wonderful Fria in person and join her on a kitchen adventure, I was pretty ecstatic!”  READ MORE

Posted in February 2017.


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