GIVEAWAY: Sponsored snacks from THE BULL short film

We ate like kings while we were shooting THE BULL short film.  Not because I am such a great caterer but because the sponsored snacks and drinks we received were absolutely a-MOO-zing!  (I am also a great caterer).  This was my first catering job on a film so what I knew about on set snacks for film people was terra-BULL.  So I just decided to look for things I would like to snack on.  And since I own a healthy sprouted treats company it  obviously needed to be healthy and tasty.  Even though all the snacks were UDDER-ly fantastic there were a few that just stood out for me and I am glad to announce that we are going to share some of these snacks with you!

Collage Gift Hamper

Some of the amazing sponsored snacks and drinks we had on set of THE BULL.

We need cash to submit our film to international film. The cost of submitting a film to a top tier international film festival generally ranges between 50 – 80 US dollars. And that’s just to submit the film for consideration. Getting accepted into one of these festivals is extremely difficult. To give you an idea of how competitive it is out there, just look at Sundance Film Festival. Of the 8,700 short film submissions Sundance receives each year, only about 70 of those films are actually accepted to play at the festival.  So we need to submit to plenty of festivals to ensure that our movie gets chosen and are seen by the world.


In order to raise some cash we launched this Thundafund campaign.  If you are familiar with Thundafund then you know that prizes are given away depending on how much money you donate.  One of the prizes we are giving away raffle tickets for gift baskets filled with some of the foods that we were sponsored with when shooting THE BULL.  The gift basket is filled with amazing stuff and worth over R1 000.

You will be spoiled with Buchulife waters, Culture Mushrooms biltong, Just Popcorn, Zang caffeinated chocolate, Nature’s Delicacies, Scheckters Organic Energy Drink, some of my own treats, the Snickers Cake Cup, and a bottle of Warwick Denman Chardonnay. If that doesn’t make you want to pack the picnic blanket then I don’t know what will!

Enter our giveaway by clicking on the link below.

THE BULL Gift Basket Giveaway

Competition closes on 4 December.

Congratulations to Coral le Roux on winning this amazing gift basket!

The Bull Film Giveaway


4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Sponsored snacks from THE BULL short film

  1. Avisha says:

    Woohooo super amazzzing prize @Fria’s thank you for this fantastic opportunity,I would love to win this hamper just in time for Christmas,crossing my fingers tightly♥


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