The Bull Short Film: Cast

What else was involved?

While I was stressing about numbers and mouths to feed, the producers and director were dealing with their own obstacles.  They had to make a whole movie happen in the next two months.  Some of the things they had to deal with were:

  • Finding a professional stud farm and cattle chill enough to allow people to film around them.
  • Finding a mare (or several mares) who will be foaling over the same time period as the shoot.
  • Gathering the right crew who will be available to work over the full shooting time.
  • Finding the right cast whose schedules could be fit into our shooting days.
  • Finding the correct camera and special effects gear that would be available for free over our shooting period.
  • Finding a place close enough to our shooting locations for our crew and cast to sleep.
  • Hiring an animal wrangler as you need to have one present when you are working with animals.

Somehow they managed to do all of this in between their own busy schedules and other work that needed to be finished as well.  We all slept very little in the weeks leading up to the film.

The Cast

We managed to get an awesome cast together.  Here they are, in no particular order:


Bart Fouche (The Neighbour) and Natalie Walsh (our female lead)


Snapple, our professional stud.

Horse and Foal

Our mare and her one day old foal.  We filmed the birth for the film.

Meganne Young and Neighborn Baby

Meganne Young (the mare) and her newborn baby (the foal) with Kelsey Egan (our director)

Cookie and Calf

Cookie and her calf


Scott George, our male lead.


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