The Bull Short Film: The Story

What is the story?

How did we further convince our sponsors to support our film?  We told them the story of the film.  And we were honest.  This is what we told them:

“Hi (insert sponsor name here)

I am contacting you on behalf of Fria’s Superfoods (, I Love Foodies ( and Crave Pictures (

We are all working together on a narrative short film to be shot on Tafelsig Nguni Cattle Farm near Malmesbury. It is a passion project so all the casting crew (including us) are working for free and the gear and the locations are sponsored. We are all very excited to be involved with the film though as upon completion we will be submitting the film to international film festivals.

The reason I am contacting you is because we are looking for sponsors for some food, snacks and drinks for the cast and crew over the three days. When everyone is working for free, good food and something to drink are the least we can do for them as a thank you. We would really appreciate if you would be willing to help us keep our crew happy over the shoot. 

In exchange we can offer you social media exposure on two popular local platforms, Fria’s Superfoods and I Love Foodies. I Love Foodies has over 15 000 followers on Instagram and is dedicated to the love of food. Fria’s Superfoods is a local delicatessen offering healthy sprouted protein treats. Fria’s also enjoy networking with other local businesses and writing about this on her website. During the course of the shoot we will be posting social media updates with pictures of the catering. We will also be publishing a blog post about the film and sponsors who got involved during the shooting of the film, including pictures of the food, snacks and drinks on offer on both Fria’s Superfoods and I Love Foodies.

You can find more information on the film at the bottom of this e-mail.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. You are also welcome to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards

Short Film Synopsis: A young woman is heavily pregnant with her first child. Her partner is absent. A neighboring farmer wants to cover his cows with her champion bull. She refuses him. Her mare goes into labour, and she helps her deliver the foal. Shortly thereafter, her own water breaks. She dreams that she is dancing for the bull in open pasture. Her contractions wake her. She walks out into the night. In the morning, a man walks in from the fields leading a cow and her newborn calf. She is the cow; the man is the bull. They are shape shifters. Only rarely do they share the same form at the same time.


Our lead Natalie Walsh tending to one of her horses in The Bull Short Film.

The film will be shot at Nguni Cattle Stud Farm: One of the scenes in the short consists of our lead actress dancing for a champion bull in an open pasture. Our lead actress is a professional dancer. Her name is Natalie. The bull’s name is Snapple. He’s a professional stud.


Our lead Natalie Walsh dancing for her husband in his bull form in The Bull Short Film.  Snapple is our professional stud.

The genre of the film can be classified as magical realism. The Bull is in fact the dancer’s lover / husband. They are shape shifters who rarely share the same form at any given time.


Our male lead, Scott George and also the dancer’s lover/husband.

Running Time: 8-10 minutes


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