The Bull Short Film: Food Sponsors

What will we feed them?

Since we had no money to work with and I didn’t want Kelsey to spend all of her cash on food I decided to get us some food sponsors.  Benike and I decided that we had to create a social media offering between Fria’s Superfoods and I Love Foodies to make it attractive for potential sponsors to collaborate with us.  We would offer them social media exposure on both our pages and our social media accounts and also write some blog posts about the film where they would get more exposure.  We were also clear in our approach to the sponsors that we were working on a passion project and were all contributing to the film for free.  I spent hours until late in the evening sending out emails to companies that I wanted to collaborate with.


Happy Crew.  Tom Purcell and Kelsey Egan (our director) enjoying the craft table spread.

I didn’t want the catering for the film to be another series of unhealthy meals.  Apparently the spread on most film sets are quite unhealthy so I wanted to change this.  My menu had to include only healthy meal options and snacks and cater for vegans as well.  Unhealthy food items were going to be kept at a minimum.

Being the owner of a healthy treats company I eat a well-balanced diet and follow a lot of the whole food companies out there.  I therefore only approached the companies whose food I would want to eat and snack on.  I am not sure whether this contributed to our success as every second company that I contacted was keen to come on board!

We received an amazing mix of snacks, food, drinks and deserts from our sponsors.  It was enough to cover more than half of our food expenses.  Our food sponsors of THE BULL are amazing and we can’t thank you enough for being so generous!

collage sponsors

We wouldn’t have been able to make our film without the help of our amazing sponsors!

We received so many amazing treats that we could mix and match our meals depending on where we were shooting the day.

collage 3collage 4collage 6collage sponsors 2collage sponsors 7collage sponsors


This was a late breakfast spread.  Our other breakfasts were running breakfasts at 5 am.

Help us to get THE BULL to film festivals by donating to and sharing our Thundafund campaign.





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