The Bull Short Film: How I Got Involved

Stars in Their Eyes

When the script writer and director of the THE BULL approached me to do the catering during the shoot I literally saw dollar signs dancing in front of my eyes.  My first stint as a film caterer!  I am going to be rich!  I should probably be transparent about the fact that the director is also my friend and housemate, so my immediate answer was Hell Yes!  But then she revealed that I would be doing everything FOR FREE since it was a passion project and we had no money.  She would buy the produce but I would be in charge of the menu and would have to take leave from my actual job to cater for a maximum of 25 crew and cast. FOR FREE. It took me about five minutes to rethink this crazy idea.  If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have been so eager to say yes, but hindsight is twenty twenty right?

“Yes, I will do the catering for you Kelsey!  This is going to be so exciting!”

Little did Fria know it was also going to be the toughest, most exhausting, stressful and amazing time of her life as well.


Our female lead, Natalie Walsh dancing for her husband in the film, our male lead, Scott George.

Our friend and one of the co-producers of THE BULL, Benike Palfi, set the whole thing in motion.  It was she who told Kelsey that she would like to try her hand at producing.  Together they brought our other friend and co-producer, Rafeeqah Galant, an experienced writer, director and co-producer on board.


Our director Kelsey Egan and one of our co-producers Rafeeqah Galant on our first day of shooting.  Our cinematographor is Christian Denslow.

How did we make a movie worth R800 000 with only R36 000?  Hours of hard work, teamwork of the most amazing group of people, generous crew, cast, location and food sponsors and passion.  Lots and lots of passion.

We need your help to show this movie to the world though as it is extremely expensive to submit to film festivals.  If you can donate to our Thundafund campaign, that would be amazing but we would appreciate a share of our campaign just as much!

Here is the main players of THE BULL film.  The people who has been sleeping very little and working a whole lot to get this film the recognition it deserves!


Kelsey Egan 1

Kelsey Egan: Director and Producer of THE BULL


Benike Palfi: Producer of THE BULL

Rafeeqah Galant

Rafeeqah Galant: Producer of THE BULL

IMG_3790 GRADED Frias Superfoods (Havanas) 171026

Me: Caterer and Social Media Manager of THE BULL



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