IN MY KITCHEN: Wellness in the City

Marisa Logan and Nicole Lupton are extremely clever humans.  They must have sensed that one day I will be world-famous when they agreed to visit me In My Kitchen.  Or it might have been to get their hands on my Snickers Cup recipe (they weren’t successful).

But seriously though, how extremely sweet and down to earth can you be?  As founders of the Wellness in the City blog and each successful in their own right, Marisa and Nicole have clearly rubbed shoulders with bigwigs yet they don’t mind getting down and dirty with smaller fry like me.  I think that is a very large part of why their blog is such a success.  Their health, fitness and beauty articles are honest and written for the average capetonian.  There is nothing superficial about them or their articles which they hope will encourage their readers to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

WITC grey logo
Wellness in the City

Marisa and Nicole practice what they preach.  They both lead fairly active and healthy lifestyles which clearly shows when you meet them.  It amazed me how fresh and amazing looking they both were so early in the morning.  Even after drinking all of my adaptogens and other natural energy boosters I still want to go back to bed every day if it wasn’t for that pesky work thing (or my pit bull puppy Lolita).  And it’s not as if they lie around in spas getting facials all day.  The Wellness in the City blog is in addition to their actual jobs.

Marisa is the co-founder and director of Butter Knife Public Relations.  I love that their slogan is “spreading the word”.  Since its launch in March 2013 Butter Knife has led PR campaigns with major local and international brands such as Glenfiddich, Cotton On, Glamour Magazine, Sir Juice and my favourite caffeinated chocolate ZANG!  They have a host of case studies on their website showcasing the results of some of their PR campaigns.  The numbers speak for themselves and appeals to the actuarial analyst in me.  A return on interest of 1:57 (Cotton ON campaign) is what other PR companies can only dream of.  One day when I am all grown up I’m definitely hiring ButterKnife to do my PR for me.  But for now I will be happy with this blog post. Hopefully it will also give me a return of 57 to 1?


The Wellness in the City blog is in addition to their actual jobs. 

When she isn’t sealing deals with major clients Marisa takes to the mountains with her Australian Cattle dog Enzo.  She is a huge trail running fan and has completed the AfricanX Trailrun numerous times.  The AfricanX is a gruelling 3 day staged trail run which consists of teams of two running between 23 km and 35 km per day.  I had a look at Marisa’s training program for the 2016 event and on one of her training days she had to climb Platteklip Gorge in 45 minutes.  I have been summitting Platteklip Gorge on and off over the past few months and my best time so far has been 65 minutes with an average of 75 minutes.  Forty-five minutes is bloody fast.  It will definitely take a bit more training before I will be able to manage that without suffering a heart attack or just simply passing out from exhaustion.


Marisa is also the co-founder of Butter Knife PR and Nicole is an international model.

Nicole is an international model (or shmodel as she likes to call herself).  She has one of those faces that no matter how you look at it, it’s just insanely gorgeous.  With a quick google search I counted her gracing more than 30 magazine covers including Shape, Runners World and plenty of international magazines.  Nicole also loves to make healthy sweet treats and shares her recipes on their blog.  It was her crunchy quinoa chocolate seed slab which first alerted me to the Wellness in the City blog.  I subsequently tried and single-handedly devoured a few more of her recipes.  Nicole also manages the Wellness in the City website very successfully.  Ones you discover the site the beautiful pictures and content keeps you captive for many hours.  It can be very distracting when you are trying to write a certain blog post and after an hour find yourself reading about the best boxing spots in Cape Town.


They both lead fairly active and healthy lifestyles which clearly shows when you meet them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I clearly did not realise whom exactly I was inviting to In My Kitchen I might have come across as a bit starstruck.  Fortunately for me the Wellness in the City ladies are so down to earth that you can’t help but relax in their company. If you’d like to contact them for some PR or to find out more about Marisa and Nicole you can follow their health, fitness and beauty escapades on Instagram, Facebook or

You can also follow their bloopers instagram showing the behind the scenes of the blogging experiences.  It’s my favourite account of theirs!




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