FRIA’S INGREDIENTS: Why Activated/Sprouted?

There is a very specific reason why I activate or sprout the buckwheat used in my lemon bliss balls, the black beans in my black bean truffles and the chickpeas in my peppermint mousse cake: increased nutritional update and less bloating for you!

What is the difference between sprouting and activating/soaking?

Activating is the process of soaking your nuts, seeds and legumes for the required time so that they become alive and start to grow.  You don’t see any physical changes except for a bigger, squishier seed, nut or legume.  You are literally just soaking it in water.

Sprouting means your nut, seed or legume started to grow and has sprouted a little tail.  One of my favourite seeds to grow is buckwheat because they literally form a tail within one day!

There are plenty of handy guides on the internet on how long you should let your nuts. seeds and legumes soak.  This one from wake-up world shows you the difference between soaking and sprouting quite cleverly:


Some nuts don’t sprout at all, for example cashews, and pecan nuts.  I’ve never gotten my almonds to sprouting stage, I just soak them in water with some Himalayan salt in them and they are good to go!

What does soaking/activating do?

You are literally beckoning your nut, seed or legume to wake up from a deep sleep and to come alive.  When it does this, it starts to break down the anti-nutrients and phytic acid found inside it.  This process also creates the enzymes needed to digest the food properly and so your body can absorb a high amount of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are already there.

If you feel bloated or gassy after eating nuts, seeds or legumes then you should try soaking them.  It is the anti-nutrients and phytic acid that are making it really difficult for your body to digest the food and causes these nasty side-effects.

Try my recipe for sprouted black bean truffles and see if it makes a difference to how you usually feel when you eat beans!

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