Wellness Warehouse Wonder Women Brunch

Wellness Warehouse might not know it, but we have been great buddies since day one.  We went through all of my crazy health phases together.  Wellness helped me when I tried my hand at gluten free baking and when I had to try all the essential oil flavours in the world (I have a whole basket of oils next to my bath which is now not being used due to the drought).  When I needed a vegan option for protein powder, I called on my friend Wellness because I knew she would be able to help.  When I was sprouting a whole garden I knew I would find all of the exotic seeds and beans that I have never heard of before if I dropped in at Wellness.  I shop at Wellness Warehouse like your average teenager shops at a mall.  I can spend hours walking through the store, ooh’ing and aah’ing as I go and never ever get bored.

I’m sure the amount of money that I have spent at Wellness Warehouse over the years could have bought a small plane by now, but I’m not really interested in being a pilot.

So when I was invited to the Wellness Warehouse Women’s Day brunch I hit the roof I was so excited.  I felt like I was meeting my celebrity crush (which in this case would have been Tom Hardy) at an exclusive restaurant and he was actually in to me.  My fellow health and wellness friends would know what I mean.  I’m sure the amount of money that I have spent at Wellness Warehouse over the years could have bought a small plane by now, but I’m not really interested in being a pilot.  Food, wellness, natural medicine and health is my true love and passion, and Wellness Warehouse has just always made it so easy to try out.

You know that excitement you feel when you hear it is open bar at a wedding?

I am not going to sugar coat it ladies.  The brunch was fabulous.  We were treated to amazing freshly pressed juices, the best gluten-free muesli and vegan yoghurt I have every tasted and tiny little healthy muffins and other baked goodies.  You know that excitement you feel when you hear it is open bar at a wedding?  That was me at the Wellness Cafe, looking at the menu.  I am being really honest here so I am going to reveal that I decided to try what I thought is the most expensive drink on the menu: the large matcha latte.   It was disgusting but I just reminded myself that I was consuming a tonne of anti-oxidants, the equivalent of several cups of green tea in fact.

Fria Graded

Match tea.  Drink it, it’s good for you!

With drinks in hand we were invited to each grab a seat in front of a fully stocked gift bag.  We were going to be treated to some talks from representatives of products that are sold at Wellness Warehouse.  In keeping with the theme of all things female, all of the speakers were ladies except for the very brave sole from Herbatint permanent herbal hair colour (good on you sir!).

The ladies from the Mina Cup were up first.  I have heard about the menstrual cup before, but I’ve never seen it in any of the shops in Cape Town nor been intrigued enough to research it more.  Mina’s vision is to empower the millions of underprivileged girls in South Africa with a menstrual cup, so that they can continue their education without disruption.  I didn’t realise that these young girls miss school because they cannot afford to buy sanitary products.  They have to resort to using newspaper, leaves or other material because they have to choose between food and feminine hygiene.  Mina supplies a menstrual cup to a young girl for every cup that is sold.  That alone convinced me that I should get myself one.  The fact that we contribute to almost 14 000 sanitary products ending up in landfills over our lifetime had me converted.  I was getting myself a cup and I could buy it right here at Wellness.

Esse Graded Large

Esse Skin Toner.  I absolutely LOVE it!

Next up was Esse Probiotic Skincare.  I was just like “You had me at Probiotics”.  I could have kissed the bottle of sensitive skin toner we got as a pressie. Probiotics and prebiotics are one (two?) of my favourite subjects right now as I have been reading up a lot on gut health and also started making my own kefir, kombucha and cultured veggies.  Esse add probiotics to their skin care range as it is not only in our gut that we need healthy bacteria, but also on our skin.  After reading up a bit on their website I think I should make microbes my next area of study.  Did you know that there are five main groups of microbes populating our earth? These are bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa.  You will be familiar with some of them, for example yeast is a fungi microbe that ferments sugar.  They have this awesome picture on their site that shows exactly the types microbes we have in our body:


Source:  www.esseskincare.com

I haven’t tried out any of the other products that we have received so far, but I have used the toner on my face in the morning and at night and I absolutely love it. I am definitely excited to try out more of their products.

Dr Hauschka Graded

Dr Hauschka Products.

I loved that each representative shared a little bit of the science behind their products.  Our next speaker was for Dr Hauschka, another brand that I have never considered before.  Dr Hauschka is a natural skin care and make-up company with “a culture of care”.  They use ecologically conscious methods of growing and sourcing ingredients.  I was fascinated by the explanation of how their rose oil is made (I hope I remember it correctly) – they developed a method to make the roses think they are alive after they have been removed from the plant.  They replicate wind, cold, day and night in the room where the harvested roses are kept and then extract a rose oil unique to Dr Hauschka which is used in their products.

Metagenics won me over with their omega 3 supplement for cardiovascular, immune and joint health.  I always lumped omega 3 and 6 together, but apparently we consume enough omega 6 in the foods we eat, but not enough omega 3.  OmegaGenics Omega 3 is sourced from mackerel, anchovy and sardine but they have manufactured it so that you have no fishy aftertaste in your mouth when you drink it.  I tried it and it’s true.  That and their EstroFactors supplement forms part of my daily pill swallowing routine each morning now.  EstroFactors supports estrogen balance and relieves hormone-related symptoms.  I will tell you guys whether it worked in about three weeks.

Herbatint and My Abby Range completed our perfect morning.  We were all given the opportunity to choose a hair colour and try out the amazing abyssinian based body oil.  Apparently abyssinian is the new argan oil, so remember that when you are next stuck without a conversation piece.  I will be trying both of these soon and share more on them on my social media.

What would we have done if it weren’t for Carlos and Shaun Gomes.  Thank you for finding Wellness Warehouse and building it up to what it is today.  And thank you Wellness Warehouse for an unbelievable day, I will keep on spending my money on you.

Wellness Warehouse is a retail business that educates people about good lifestyle choices and preventative medicine.  They stock everything supporting a wellness lifestyle, from food to health to skincare to baby and focus on products with natural and organic ingredients.  It was established in 2007 by the two brothers; Sean Gomes, a medical doctor and Carlos Gomes, a retail pioneer.  Wellness Warehouse is now one of South Africa’s largest wellness retailers, with over 25 stores in Gauteng and the Western Cape as well as an online shopping store.

If you want to find out more about Wellness Warehouse, check out their instagram and facebook here.


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