IN MY KITCHEN: Aneeka Buys

I will always remember Aneeka as the woman who taught me about YOLO. I somehow managed to be blissfully unaware of this wonderful acronym for six years.  YOLO was first used by Drake in his 2011 album but it quickly became an acronym used by all.  Except by me, that is. But then I met Aneeka Buys and my life changed for the better.  I want to thank you for bringing this phrase into my life Aneeka.  Granted, I haven’t found the perfect opportunity to use YOLO yet, but I am saving it for a special occasion.

You only live once: that’s the motto, nigga, YOLO

I didn’t know much about Aneeka before her visit to my kitchen.  I make sure that I don’t know too much about my guests on purpose though.  It’s much more fun hearing someone’s life story when you haven’t heard it before.  I also don’t prepare for these early morning kitchen chats.  I rather see where our mutual connections lead us.  So far it’s worked almost too well as we always end up rushing through the treats so that I can rush off to my real job at 9.

Due to my lack of sleuth work we were almost half way through our chat before I realised that Aneeka also studied in Bloemfontein and speaks Afrikaans.  Well, we switched over to the Afrikaanse taal immediately and reminisced about our hometown.

Aneeka Buys FitGirl

For Aneeka this was where she met her husband Niel.  They’ve been married for more than a decade, but it would have been a lot longer if Niel had any say in it!  Apparently he fell head over heels in love with Aneeka soon after meeting her but already took a training job overseas.   He didn’t last long though and moved back to South Africa to convince her that he was the best.  He did, because they are now happily married with two children.

I would never have guessed that Aneeka hasn’t been a personal trainer her whole life, but it was only after her second child that she started to train seriously.  She needed an outlet for her frustrations as a stay at home mom and found that she felt much more positive and ready for the challenges of being a mom when she trained.  Training changed from passion to something more and she finished her International Training Diploma soon after.  Aneeka wanted to share what she has learnt with other moms.  She found it hard to believe that she was the only stay-at-home mom who was frustrated and knew that there must be other moms out there who could use her help.

Throughout her personal training career, Aneeka found it surprising how many women reached out to her because they didn’t know how and where to start when they wanted to lead a fitter lifestyle.  She wanted to provide them with “… a place where women can find motivation, inspiration, tips and tricks on living a healthy and fulfilling life.”  So she came up with the concept of FitGirl.

Aneeka also wanted to offer the FitGirl ladies some tools to assist them on their fitness journey.  So she created the fitness lucky packet for adults, the FitGirl FitKit.  Each FitKit contains various health, wellness and fitness products and a 3 day training program designed by Aneeka.  The value of each FitKit is worth three times more than the R299 she offers it for, but she wanted to make it accessible to all women.  Check out what she shared about her latest FitKit here!

Aneeka Buys

As if personal training, reaching the top 5 in the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, a finalist in the Mrs South Africa pageant and finding FitGirl Enterprises weren’t enough, Aneeka is also quite the actress.  She stars in the video of the brand new Virgin Active app.  Check it out below:

 If you want to learn from and be inspired by Aneeka, then you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I would definitely keep an eye on this wonder woman, YOLO.



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