The 9 things I learnt from my detox with Finding Frost

What have I learned during my five day detox with Finding Frost?

1. I am totally addicted to sugar

I couldn’t even last three days without cheating!  I will have to go back to the basics and wean myself off sugar again.  I did very well for a few months, but once you fall off that wagon it’s like you are doing it for the first time again.  I have decided to retrain my body to not be addicted to sugar over the next three months.  I’ll do it while following my personalised training program from 360 Specialised Training.  I will post more detail about this over the next three months.

2. Raw is good

I know the advantages of eating your food as raw as possible but sometimes I forget how many options of raw vegetables are out there. Cooking kills off some of the nutrients in your food so eating it in its natural state is always best. Instead of boiling your vegetables, rather blanch it just before serving or grill or fry it on a low heat. Carrots, cucumber, red pepper, baby corn and sugar snap peas are really tasty when you dip them in homemade hummus.

3. My life revolves around food

Food is amazing.  Fortunately I prefer fresh, healthy, natural food to fast, cheap and artificial versions of it.  But even though I make healthy treats, eat healthy during the day and fill up on enough water I have formed a habit of constantly eating or drinking.  Even if it is just a cup of herbilicious Pukka Chai tea, I always have something in front of me. The detox forced me to strictly eat three meals and two snacks a day.

4. Aubergine is the best

I didn’t grow up eating aubergine.  I definitely don’t blame my mom because she made us wonderful vegetable dishes, but somehow it never included aubergine.  It might have been a Free State thing.  Well, since I made Finding Frost’s ratatouille I now never make a meal without it.  And it is filled with antioxidants which is why it was included in the detox.  Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals which are believed to be one of the causes of cancer.

5. Spice is nice

Turmeric, nutmeg, paprika, curry, sage, cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, how could I have forgotten about you guys?  Yes, I use Himalayan salt and pepper and I love a good spicy curry but when did I forget about the rest of the spices?  Spice gives amazing flavour to your food, contain zero calories and they are good for you!  I’m such an idiot.

6. Go nuts about seeds

We eat almonds and drink almond milk and feast on gluten free goodies made with almond flour, but when last did you have a handful of sunflower or pumpkin seed? Hemp seeds are very affordable and readily available in the health food section of most stores and they are packed with essential fatty acids.  Our bodies cannot synthesize the two essential fatty acids linoleic and alpha-linolenic, so eating seeds and nuts helps our bodies to build another two fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6.  Omega 3 and 6 are important for your immune system function, so if you want to keep the sniffles at bay, better stock up on them!

7. My portion control needs more control

I pride myself that I can cook most meals without having to measure a single thing.  But that also means that I do not measure nuts when I snack.  I don’t stick to a quarter cup of nuts per serving.  I eat nuts like popcorn.  And since I also use a lot of nuts in my healthy treats I may have been overdoing it with them a little.  And that applies to other food as well.  I have no idea what constitutes a portion of anything anymore.

8  It’s good to clean your body

When I was in High School I tried every diet I could get my hands on.  I was very strict when following them but at some point I would give in and binge on all the chocolates and candies I could get my hands on.  During my twenties I slowly moved towards a more healthy attitude towards food.  I never restricted myself from eating anything.  This used to work very well but I think I’ve been a bit generous lately.  Detoxing for a few days reset my thinking around food.

9 I should do this more often

It felt really good to feed my body only the good stuff for a week.  Even though I cheated I still felt a difference.  This also wasn’t a restrictive diet. The detox comprised of lovely and tasty food.   I want to give my body this treatment again and next time I think it will be a lot easier to stick to it!

I have to thank Drue from Finding Frost for putting up with all my moaning and groaning during my Detox, I was suffering so much but it was absolutely worth it!  If you would like to try some of her recipes, head on over to her website,  She has some amazing stuff on there!

I promised you guys a special treat so here it is!  One Juice and Wellness Warehouse are offering a special detox package in all Wellness Stores where you can buy an 8-pack of One Juices for only R199!  The offer lasts until 15th of September so if you have been waiting for something to kick start your detox, this could be it!

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