10 Challenges to measure your fitness at 360 specialized training

I have been training at 360 Specialized Training since January 2017.  I’ve always been an active person, but I’ve performed more squats, burpees and box jumps over the past 6 months than I have over the past 7 years.  I can flip a tire faster than you can say “burpee” and some ladies that I don’t know have recently started telling me that I am a beast.  They might have been referring to my sweaty exterior and beast like moans of pain, but I prefer to always think positively.


The wall where I discovered the 10 challenges of pain.

I suppose life could have commenced as normal if it wasn’t for this one day I was lying on the ground, dying after a pretty normal 360 class, that my eyes caught the writing on the wall.  If you are a regular at 360 Specialized Training you would have noticed this huge black board taking up a whole wall by the monkey bars.  There are some scribbles on there but I’ve never taken the time to really read it.  I found it more of an irritation because it messed up perfectly usable space for my handstand training.

If you look at the wall closely you will see that it contains information on 10 challenges you need to complete to reach the first level of beastness.  You can perform these 10 challenges on your own or you can join the New Beast class at 7 pm on a Tuesday with a whole bunch of other crazy people.  It always makes me feel better when other people are suffering with me so I chose to do the Tuesday class.

It’s impossible to do all 10 challenges in less than an hour so we focused on 5 of them for a start, but I’ll list all 10 here for you:

Exercise Reps/Time Girls weight/reps Guys weight/reps
Turkish Get Up 1 rep max >= 20 kg >= 40 kg
Rotation Press 1 rep max >= 16 kg >= 32 kg
Deadlift 1 rep max >= 80 kg >= 150 kg
Bench Press Max reps >= 3 reps/50 kg >= 5 reps/100 kg
Kettle bell Shoulder Press Max reps >= 5 reps/12 kg >= 20 reps/24 kg
Under Grip Pull Ups Max reps >= 5 reps >= 20 reps
Kettle bell Clean + Press 20 reps 12 kg/1 minute 24 kg/1 minute
Rope Climbs Max reps >= 2 reps >= 5 reps
2 000 m Row Min Time <= 8:30 minutes <= 7:30 minutes
Platteklip Gorge up+down Min Time <= 50 minutes <= 40 minutes

I chose to start off with the 2 000 m row as I thought that would be the worst.  I was right.  If you do your calculations correctly you will notice that if you are a girl beast you need to row 2 000 meters (that is 2 kilometers!) in less than 8 minutes and 30 seconds.  That means that you need to do 235 meters a minute which is 40 meters every 10 seconds.  It.  Is.  A.  Killer.  My hamstrings and butt was screaming in pain after about 4 minutes but I had this damn target in front of me like a red flag and I wanted it.  The cheering on of my fellow crazy beasts kept me going and I finished the row in 8:33.  Three.  Seconds.   Too.   Late.  What a sad story.

I was dead after this.  I haven’t pushed myself on the rowing machine like this, ever.  Feeling a little bit nauseous and dizzy I pressed on to the next challenge, hoping I won’t pass out with a kettle bell on my face.  The next challenge tests how many cleaner presses you can do with two 12 kg kettle bells in 1 minute.  A challenge I failed at miserably by only managing 12 reps.  The qualifying number of reps here are 20.


I wish I looked this good while I was training.

Next up was the dead lift challenge.  We started off with 70 kg but found it fairly easy and proceeded to hit the 80 kg challenge mark.  I felt emboldened by this feat and decided to try out for 90 kg but it was like Toni stark trying to pick up Thor’s hammer – ridiculous.


Dead lifts:  it’s all in the legs.

We decided to throw some obstacle course training into the equation and do the rope climb challenge next.  Baring in mind that I couldn’t do a rope climb until 3 months ago I totally smashed this challenge and managed 3 climbs in 1 minute, almost hitting the guys’ target.


The ropes were defeated by me, see how sad they are.

And then finally I finished off my 5 challenges with the Turkish get up, which was also a foreign concept for me until a few months ago.  The movement requires you to lie on your side with one kettle bell and then pressing it up towards the ceiling while slowly standing up and then lying back down in your starting position.  All the time staring straight at that kettle bell so that you can make sure the damn thing doesn’t fall on your head.  If I ignore some of the cheating going on with this one then I managed to do 1 rep on each side with 16 kg.

So in summary, this is what I managed in my first performance testing class:

Exercise Reps/Time Girls weight/reps My weight/reps
Turkish Get Up 1 rep max >= 20 kg 16 kg
Dead lift 1 rep max >= 80 kg 80 kg
Kettle bell Clean + Press 20 reps 12 kg/1 minute 12 kg/12 reps
Rope Climbs Max reps >= 2 reps 3 reps
2 000 m Row Min Time <= 8:30 minutes 8:33 minutes

I thought I’ve become pretty strong but there’s nothing like a little old performance challenge to remind you about how far you still need to go! Over the course of the next few weeks I will do another post of the other 5 challenges, but don’t expect it to go any better than these for now.

If you want to come and join me to see what your level of strength and endurance is, please do!  Just don’t do a boxing class as your warm up.  Once you meet them all, you receive a new set of 10 challenges to bring you back down to earth again, but since I am not going to get there soon I am going to ignore that for now.

For more information on the classes you can visit www.360training.co.za.  If you are running short on cash you should check out their winter specials.  They have some ridiculous prices this winter!


A little reminder.


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