Detox with Finding Frost: Day 3 & 4

You must be wondering why I didn’t post about day 3 of my detox. There is a very simple explanation for it. I went to gym after work, took a nice hot shower and then passed out. I think it was just after 9 pm. It was freezing and my bed was the only warm place in the house and I could cuddle with my puppy.

So now I’m combining day 3 and 4 in one blog post since the experience was quite similar for both days:


That is what my tag cloud would have been if my feelings were illustrated in one. I was craving stuff so hard. It was smooth sailing until late afternoon yesterday. Late afternoon and just after lunch time things changed. If you waved a Cadbury milky bar biscuits slab in front of my face I would not have said no. And I was dying for coffee but I didn’t want to give in because I haven’t had caffeine for three days. So I had a single shot of decaf. Black. Not how I prefer to drink it but I had no choice. And then I went home and I found my housemate’s stash of Chuckles and I gave in to the craving:

Some background for those of you who don’t know my housemate: when she is on a tight deadline she goes to Woolworth’s and buys a bag each of the malted puffs, toffee and raisin Chuckles. She then empties all three bags into a bowl and snacks on that while she works. When I got home the bowl was looking at me all enticing and stuff and I couldn’t resist any longer. I had a few (more than a few). Fortunately my housemate doesn’t read my blogs so I can tell you about it here because she will never find out, haha!

I felt sort of okay about it because I ate fine during the day and I had a personal training session shortly after my binge so I could work it off. I also decided to skip dinner (it sort of happened when I passed out last night)!

Yesterday’s binge session threw me totally out of wack because I was ready to cheat as soon as I walked into the office this morning. I finally told Drue how much I was craving chocolate and coffee because I was ready to buy all the chocolates. But especially the Cadbury white chocolate with biscuits.


Cadbury, I’ve been dreaming about you.

We decided to cheat together and have an almond milk coffee. Mine was horrible because they clearly used long life almond milk in mine so I couldn’t even finish it. But it helped with the cravings! I gave myself the coffee I have been craving and then I saw that it wasn’t that good and then I was okay. And since then I felt totally fine. As I am writing this blog I haven’t cheated yet and I am just waiting for my ratatouille to finish baking (which smells divine by the way).

Only one more day to go and tomorrow morning I get to eat oats! I think my warm oats brekkie is going to be the highlight of my week.

In my final post I will share a bit more on the type of foods that was included in the detox and the reasons why.  And there is a special something that I will be sharing with you soon so stay tuned for the last post of my Detox with Finding Frost series!

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