Detox with Finding Frost: Day 2

I am glad that day 2 is over. It was quite tough because I was just feeling so tired the whole day. I was seriously considering taking a nap in my car during lunch but it was freezing so I opted to drive to Wellness Warehouse at Wembley Square to buy myself some good quality tea. Store-bought tea just doesn’t seem to cut it when you are eating healthy. I want flavour and warmth and satisfaction. So I bought the Pukka detox and the Pukka mint refresh. It’s. So. Good. The smell alone makes me so happy!

It feels like I am complaining a lot on this detox and I haven’t even been on it for that long. It makes me admire the Muslims who fast for a whole month during Ramadan so much more. At least I am still eating and drinking. They are not putting anything in their bodies from sunrise to sunset for a whole month! No tea to warm you up. No comforting soup. Nothing!

I was doing well until after lunch and then I started feeling the cravings coming on. I like snacking on things while I am sitting in front of my computer so this is an area I find difficult not to give in to this week. I cheated and ate a lot of macadamia nuts. It was also then that I started wondering why I am doing this. I love food. I love eating and I eat a healthy diet. Why do I want to torture myself this way? I don’t need to eat that healthy. Who cares if I’ve been eating a chocolate every day. I train a lot so it doesn’t matter that much. Why can’t I just go and buy myself something warm and get a nice steaming cup of coffee and just forget all about this detox? Who cares if I’m always going to carry a little flab? I will rather have flab than take one more day of this torture! Somehow I got through this negative self-talk. I think it’s because I have been eating good the whole day and I didn’t want to spoil it by messing up so late in the day.

strong is the new skinny

I am supposed to do 30 minutes of exercise a day while on the detox. Exercising is not a problem for me. I love training at my gym. I love feeling strong and fit and seeing my gym buddies every day and I am a fierce believer in strong is the new skinny. Yesterday was box fit and I almost didn’t go. The only thing I wanted to do was crawl up in bed and sleep for twenty hours. But I somehow ended up going. I was laughably weak. I didn’t even make the bag move when I hit it! Okay, not true. It moved, but my punches were horrible! I usually take a pre- and post-workout when I train but I want to detox my body completely so I am not taking them this week. I can definitely feel the difference!

Hemp seed contains all the essential amino acids and fatty acids, has a 30% protein content, is an organic muscle builder and energy booster.

After training I was really looking forward to my green vegetable soup. I added a bit of hemp seed oil as it is my new favourite product. Hemp seed contains all the essential amino acids and fatty acids, has a 30% protein content, is an organic muscle builder and energy booster. I love the taste too, a drizzle of hemp seed oil over quinoa cooked in vegetable stock is absolutely divine! And that was it, I have made day 2 of the detox! I ended off my day by crawling into bed early and slept through the whole storm.

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