Detox with Finding Frost: Day 1

I just finished my vegetable soup and last meal of my first day’s detox plan. I didn’t really read the recipe until I had to make it tonight so I was preparing myself for a tasteless celery and carrot soup like the ones you find on those lose 10 kg in two weeks diets. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised! Obviously if I wasn’t on a detox and haven’t cheated today already I would have added some yoghurt or milk to make it a bit creamier but the taste was not bad for a healthy soup.

I feel quite satisfied and aren’t experiencing any cravings right now but that was not the case earlier today. I really wanted some coffee. There must be some mind games that I am playing with myself that affected the cravings that I was having today because I don’t normally want coffee that bad. But today I craved coffee even more than chocolate!

I was hungry and freezing the whole day. I don’t think the detox will get to work that quickly so the freezing part can probably not be attributed to that, but somehow the numerous cups of herbal tea I had just didn’t seem to warm me up. The hunger is also something I will analyse throughout the rest of the week because it’s not as if I was eating little the whole day. It might be the fact that there were no carbs in my breakfast and the absence of milk in my diet. Is it possible that milk can cause such a feeling of fullness? But when you think about it, milk is supposed to feed and nourish tiny little calves so that they can become big and strong so there might be some truth there. Coffee is an appetite suppressant but I normally only have one cup in the morning so I also doubt whether it made such a big difference that I didn’t have one today.

I noticed a trend with most of the foods that we are eating. It’s designed to help you to eat everything as raw as possible. Even making the soup tonight required very little cooking. The vegetables with my lunch was also supposed to be raw but I heated them a little bit so that I almost felt like I was having a warm meal.

I stayed within the diet for most of the day, but I had to prepare some treats for goodie boxes this week and a black bean truffle or two might have found its way into my mouth. I also had some of the superfoods brand’s raw chocolate (the one with zero sugar added). I ate this before I went to my training so this kept me for a good 3 hours. I am not sure what my hunger pangs would have been like if I only fed myself six hours after my last snack. I am going to find out tomorrow though.  Hopefully I will be strong enough to not cheat.

Up Next: Detox with Finding Frost: Day 2


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