IN MY KITCHEN: Sachi Okada

I first take notice of Sachiko Okada through her instagram page The Thrive. She posted a shout-out for women interested to collaborate or connect with her. I had no clear idea what The Thrive was about but I liked the social media presence and I could see that the driving force behind The Thrive is passionate, clever and well-versed. Add to that the fact that she is a female entrepreneur and I couldn’t contact her fast enough. That is after all what In My Kitchen is all about. Meeting inspirational women who built themselves a brand despite the challenges they face in society every day. I want to learn from them. I want their energy to rub off on me and inspire me to do the same.

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

So we get together early one morning. Me, absolutely clueless about the inspirational woman I am about to meet and Sachiko, a woman who knows exactly where she is going and an exceptional conversationalist. At some point during our chat I wonder whether I have completely lost the art of having an intelligent conversation, because I do not seem to be able to string five coherent words together whereas Sachi delivers these beautiful monologues on life and the business world. Thankfully she accidentally deleted the recordings she made of that morning!


The Thrive creates events and experiences that inspire, excite and ignite the bold and brighter life that exists in every person.

Sachi founded The Thrive in November 2016.  Through The Thrive she creates events and experiences that ignites confidence and personal development. A very successful program in The Thrive portfolio is the Confidence Roadshow which provides workshops to corporate staff that will activate and boost their confidence.  Sachi feels that it is very important to motivate and inspire the future leaders in a company by working on their confidence.  A fun series that she launched this year is Wine & Thrive (just google the hashtag #WomenWhoThrive), a themed night out for the ladies where they can learn something new while networking and having a lovely dinner.


Sachi Okada: Founder of The Thrive

The next Wine & Thrive is a winter edition one on the 8 June and is all about turning you into a winter warrior queen. Things to look forward to on the night is a free detox guide worth R350, a mini spa hand treatment, a winter make-up smokey eye tutorial, a winter style guide and themed prizes to win!  If you don’t want to miss out you should book your tickets on quicket now.

Prior to The Thrive Sachi co-found Fresh My Life (FML), Cape Town’s first pop-up event of its kind. She and her co-founder wanted to give people an opportunity to come and learn something in a day. The event was held in a warehouse in Woodstock centered around work shops to build your confidence.  Fresh My Life wanted you to leave the workshop feeling fresh and inspired. Examples of some of the workshops offered on the day included how to source crowd funding, how to start a business and basics about make-up. Also on offer was coffee-tasting, entertainment by some local artists, a tea lounge, wine tasting and for the hungry they had food trucks covering everything from vegan to carnivore.  Sachi created all of this while she was still working full time. I am not surprised that it was a huge success though because Sachi is an amazing saleswomen.  She has the ability to sell an experience to you in a few sentences and that is probably why she has managed to persuade huge companies to support her in her endeavors. I am very excited to see what she will have on offer for #FML 2017!


Sachi still has a major breakdown at least once in a month.  As in bawling her eyes out and questioning everything that she does.

From what Sachi told me it sounded like it was all smooth sailing but she confessed that she still has a major breakdown at least once a month. As in bawling her eyes out and questioning everything that she does. Yes, she creates these very successful events but she works very hard at it. And building your confidence is a constant process.  She still falls down a deep well of despair every now and then.  She also enlisted the help of a business and life coach to help her with her planning and guiding her in the right direction.  She had no savings and no immediate opportunities to create a stable income but she decided that being a business woman was something that she had to do.  She could no longer work for someone else. She needed to make this change for herself and for the women she wanted to help become confident in business and in themselves.

Practice what you post [on instagram] … sometimes you need to take the inspiring words of encouragement and dish it to yourself too!

Sachi Okada is definitely a #WomenWhoThrives.  I am just really glad that I got to meet this superstar of a woman before she becomes majorly famous because that is definitely where she is headed. You better collaborate with her before this happens, so connect with her through The Thrive or better yet, collaborate with her on one of her future Wine & Thrive events. I know I will be.

To Thrive: To Prosper/Flourish

You can connect with Sachi through her various social media:

Facebook: The Thrive

Instagram: The Thrive


All of the beautiful pictures were taken by Tammy from TJ Photograpy.


Sachi Okada is a #WomanWhoThrives


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