Five day detox with Finding Frost

I fell off the wagon the past few weeks. I have been craving and eating chocolates every single day. And not the healthy chocolates sans sugar. The sugary-sweet Cadbury white chocolate with biscuit slabs. I see the irony in this. I am supposed to be making healthy treats, so why am I succumbing to the sweetness that is chocolate? And Cape Town is awash with healthy restaurants toting sugar free treats? Well, sometimes you don’t want that. You want the intensely sweet and disgustingly bad for you chocolate.

My problem is just that it wasn’t the case of climbing off the wagon and then getting back on again.  I fell off, rolled down a cliff covered with rocks and into a waterfall that washed me a kilometer downstream. I managed to crawl out of the water and now I am busy trudging my way back through the forest.  But there is many dangers lurking behind every tree.

Fortunately I have been training quite hard at my favourite functional gim, 360 Specialised Training so the burning of the calories consumed wasn’t a problem. But the effects on my skin, digestive system and energy were detrimental.  So when I met up with Drue (read my In My Kitchen article on her) and she told me that she was following a detox plan the next week I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to cold-turkey on sugar.

Drue designed the plan based on her eating requirements and will be posting it on her website in the future, so I won’t be sharing with you exactly what each meal entails but I can describe to you what I did to prepare for it.  I will also be posting a blog on my experience of each day (DEPRESSION, DESPAIR, LOSS, GRIEF AND ACCEPTANCE?).  I have detoxed before but this eating plan is pretty clean and much less than what I normally consume in a day.  It contains very little of my staple foods of each day (carbohydrates such as oats and lots of nuts and white chocolate).

I am required to exercise at least 30 minutes a day (this won’t be a problem) and no coffee is allowed (this will be a problem). I have to supplement with Omega 3 so I bought myself some hemp seed oil to add to my morning bowl of fruit. I also have to start off my morning with a cup of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a great supplement that assists in alkalising your body (cancer thrives on an acidic environment). As we sleep our bodies turn acidic, so we can assist our digestive system by taking an alkaliser in the morning.

So to start off I am going to chat a little bit about the plan and my feelings about it. Then at the end of the week I will analyse my experience again.  I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and at the end of the detox plan. I am not too bothered about how much weight I loose because this is about cleansing my body, but it will be interesting to see what the effect of five days of spectacularly clean eating does to one’s body. I am also going to take pictures of myself to see the effects on my body. This is a much better measure than weighing yourself.  I am not sure whether I will be sharing those pictures with you.

What I like about the plan: is that it is very basic. There isn’t a lot of planning and I could buy everything I needed at Fruit and Veg City. It is not expensive and requires very little preparation.

What I don’t like about the plan: You eat a lot of the same thing. I get bored with food really easily so I might struggle a bit with this.

What I am looking forward to: resetting my eating habits and detoxing with the support of my friends. It’s a lot more fun when you can complain to someone who knows exactly what you are going through!

What I am not looking forward to: The cravings. Sugar withdrawal is a horrible thing. And this time I will not be allowed to give in to those cravings.

What I will miss this week: Coffee, my home-made kombucha, milk in my coffee and coffee.

What I will not miss this week: The mid-afternoon sugar crashes. Hopefully I will be bursting with energy towards the end of the week.

Up next: Detox with Finding Frost: Day 1


6 thoughts on “Five day detox with Finding Frost

  1. saskiabusch says:

    Hey Fria

    Well done for taking this step. It can be hard but the benefits outweigh the suffering 🙂

    Just so you know you are not alone Ang and I are starting Brian Greenfield’s Body Reboot program next week which is based on an autoimmune paleo base and we are doing it for 12 weeks. Meep!

    About eating the same type of food and boredom – can you prepare this food different ways eg steaming, raw and/or use different spices?

    Long time no chat!

    Much love


    • Fria's Superfoods says:

      Hi Saskia!

      Ooooeee that sounds interesting! Who is he, and why do you want to follow his program? I did the detox last year and blogged about the whole experience. It’s amazing how much you want food when you can’t have it, haha!

      I am now trying something different, the ketodiet! I might post on it at a later stage as well.

      I can definitely think of a few ways to change the foods, but I wanted to follow it as closely as possible, so I didn’t want to improvise to much!

      Let me know how it goes with the detox xx

      And let me know about that dinner without cutlery 🙂


      • saskiabusch says:

        Hello again 😉

        We did the Reboot for 2 months and it was amazing! All the symptoms that I thought were from menopause disappeared amongst a few other niggles. Ang lost 5kg’s and I lost 7!

        It basically cleaned out our bodies so afterwards we were able to introduce foods separately and identify the ones that don’t agree with us. Really amazing!

        We came across Brian Greendfield’s work because we are staunch supporters of Brian Johnson’s Optimize Me program and he talks about him in his Nutrition section. He is a renowned bio-hacker 😉

        Any-hoo, hope you are keeping well.

        Much love


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