IN MY KITCHEN: Finding Frost

I met Drue Frost early one morning in my kitchen.  I don’t know why I keep on doing this to myself.  She starts work as the Marketing Manager at Wellness Warehouse at 7 am on a good day (on bad days too) so she was pretty and fresh and awake when I invited her in.  I had to get my morning cup of coffee in before I could try to compete with her in the awake department, so I proceeded with this while she filled me in on her alter ego “Finding Frost”.  After you spend some time with Drue you realise that it is more a case of “already found frost” as she is a very together and purpose bound person.  Everything in this lady’s life is specifically set up to reach her future goals.

Drue is very creative in the kitchen and naturally gravitates towards healthy recipes.  She has been cooking and experimenting with food since she was young and was apparently seen as the weird healthy one.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as Drue looks very fit and healthy to me, so it’s obviously working for her.  And these days if you want to stand out with your brand then original (and weird) is a benefit and should be used as such.

Finding Frost Instagram-44

Drue is happiest when she can be creative in her kitchen.

After school she was lucky enough to work on 2 private super yachts for two seasons where she continually learnt from the main chef.  The passion that the chef shared with her on the yachts has guided her in the kitchen and has always been a wonderful inspiration to her.  When Drue got back to Cape Town, she enrolled in a BSc (Honours) Nutritional Science degree.  I keep on confusing nutritional science with food science and got so excited that she is actually studying what I have been dreaming about for the last few years, but Drue quickly convinced me that nutritional science is something I might want to add to that list.

After school she was lucky enough to work on 2 private super yachts for two seasons where she continually learnt from the main chef.

I have been inadvertently dabbling in nutritional science with my various health phases (juicing for easy nutrient absorption, using spices like turmeric and ginger against inflammation and colds), but nutritional science actually shows you how these foods affect the working processes in your body.  So knowing and understanding how food works inside your body to affect your resistance against disease makes it imperative if you would one day like to give credible nutritional advice to people.  Drue is also very interested in  the study of how and why we humans make our food choices and what motivates us in our everyday lives.  This is something that I am glad she has not completely mastered yet as my food choices would make for very interesting subject matter!

Drue set up a beautiful website where she shares her own healthy recipes and researched information with her readers for free.  I love her recipe for this healthy granola and have made it a few times myself.  She also has a recipe for lemon bliss balls that is quick and easy if you want to try it out yourself.

Finding Frost-Square-8

Drue’s Lemon Bliss Balls.  They sound almost as good as mine.

I was curious about how she creates the content for her website as I am still so new to the food blogging world.  Finding time to make your food and take pretty styled photos is always a challenge when you work a full-time job as well.  Drue works full-time and studies part time, so either she doesn’t sleep or she is a ninja with time management! So Drue explained that she would prepare about fifteen dishes to be photographed over one full day on the weekend.  With the help of her mother who is a very talented food stylist they would do the food styling to be shot by her photographer.   It is hard work but she also sees it as time to bond with her mom while having fun and of course she doesn’t have to cook for the next few weeks!

Finding Frost-Square-336

The hard-working team behind Finding Frost.

Coming into winter Drue will be focusing her next few recipes on warming foods and trusted family favourites, with a health twist.


This chicken roast is next on my list of recipes to try.  Especially now that we are moving towards winter I am craving all of the hot foods.

With each session of In My Kitchen I am just blown away by the talent that resides here in Cape Town.  And the pure dedication that people show when they are working on and for their passion.  Drue is definitely one of those and I am so happy that we connected!  We are going to see what interesting recipes we can come up with when we combine our two quirky brains, so stay tuned for some Frosty Fria’s superfoods!

If you want to follow Drue for some delicious recipe ideas she is on Facebook and Instagram so show her some love!


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