IN MY KITCHEN: Mostly Mindful

When I invited Angela Horn and Saskia (aka Sporty) Busch from Mostly Mindful to be guests for In My Kitchen I didn’t expect the world of possibilities they would open up for me. Together these two ladies have tried and tested things that some people don’t even dream of in any of their lifetimes. From working high-powered jobs, spending too much on unnecessary things, getting themselves into and out of serious debt a few times, eating, smoking and drinking ALL the things (omnivore, carnivore, too much, too raw, too time-consuming, too expensive, too lazy) to quitting their jobs, downsizing their lives, and selling most of their possessions in order to live as light as possible.

The cutlery drawer
The art of minimalism.  When a cutlery drawer contains two dessert spoons, two teaspoons and one of everything else.  I’m freaking out about the fact that there is no forks.

According to Angela the three things that people want most in life is less stress, more time and more money.  I second that.  I did a bit of research and found that South Africa is the second most stressed country in the world. The recent credit rating downgrade certainly doesn’t help our situation at all (our money problem either?). And time is just always an issue for me these days. It’s April already and Easter is coming up and it’s almost winter again and just where the hell is the time going?

Angela and Sporty experiencing the finer things in life.  Blending and a walk in the forest.

Angela and Sporty decided to change their stress, money and time situation around starting in 2008 with fundamental changes to their way of living.  They sold most of their possessions except for the bare necessities in a yard sale. The yard sale was also a last-ditch effort to clear the large amount of debt that they have been building up buying and spending unnecessarily over the years. They moved into a teeny tiny flat in Sea Point, sold their car and commuted (they still do) by bicycle and bus.

They also became vegan.


Before you form any hasty opinions about them though Angela and Sporty aren’t hippies drinking green juice and reading Shakespeare by their Himalayan salt lamp at night. They just simplified their way of living and try to be mostly mindful in their interactions with our world. Sometimes there will be tequila in that green juice. They do have some lovely quotes on their blog and believe in the cleaning powers of their lamp.

Their story rapidly gained traction when Angela did her Tedx Cape Town talk in 2014: The Less You Own, The More You Have. The talk and Angela’s hilarious and honest account of their story and other helpful advice on their blog Mostly Mindful built them a loyal following.  I got so caught up in their (mis)adventures that I spent a whole afternoon going through their old blogs.  Their advice on minimalism also inspired me to do a little yard sale experiment which I will share with you in a later blog.  Lets just say I wanted to sell five things and ended up with a whole lot more…

If you need some help downsizing your life Mostly Mindful has a wealth of information for free and you will get some comic relief as well (when laughing at the state of our Rand is no longer helping).  I think the tip that I was most excited about is how to clean your non-organic produce by soaking it in a sink of water containing half a cup of vinegar and a few teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. Four tablespoons of salt and the juice of half a lemon apparently also works.

Oh, Angela also loved my lemon bliss balls and Sporty thought the pre-workout bar was amazing.

Follow Angela and Sporty on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for your everyday dose of minimalism made more-ish.


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