IN MY KITCHEN: Benike Palfi

For my first feature of In My Kitchen I invited I Love Foodies editor Benike Palfi into my kitchen. I should have known that she would be on time as she is from German descent but am still surprised when the doorbell rings at exactly 7 am. I was hoping she would be late because I didn’t prep as much as I wanted to, but clearly that was too much to ask.

As editor and owner of I Love Foodies, Benike gets to go to restaurants and eat their food for free.

Benike is also reviewing my healthy sprouted protein treats company, Fria’s Superfoods, so I am a little nervous when I open the door. Fortunately, Benike is so sweet and easy to talk to that I quickly forget about not having perfectly prepared ingredients (you know, like they have on the cooking shows) all ready to be used.

The 41 Restaurant Launch Sabine and Benike Palfi

Benike and her sister, Sabine, living the high life and getting free food.

As editor and owner of I Love Foodies, Benike gets to go to restaurants and eat their food for free. She is also sent lots of care packages from food companies all over Cape Town who would like her to try out their products. I hate her a little bit for this, but not for too long, because she really is so pleasant to be around. I also decide to change tactics and rather become best friends with this strawberry-blonde goddess, so that some of the perks of her job will rub off on me.  Maybe something like joining her on one of the horrible outings where they give you free food and stuff.

Benike hates peanut butter.  (She insists that it’s a mere dislike, but I don’t believe her)

Given the fact that Benike eats a lot for a living, I naturally feel that I have to pull out all the stops when I have her in my kitchen, so I plan to wow her with my peanut butter smoothie as a starter for breakfast. It’s only the night before when I am chatting to her and ask her if she has any allergies or food preferences that I find out that she hates peanuts! I decide that a coffee smoothie and a freshly pressed vegetable juice will then have to do. I can’t remember exactly what I put in the coffee smoothie, but the juice was a combination of lemon, beetroot, carrot and apple. She seemed mildly impressed.

Generally when I prepare my treats in the early morning I have a very specific order that I follow (to the outsider it will seem like utter chaos, but I know exactly what I am doing). I am very good with working on three treats at once, but I am not so specialised in adding conversation to the mix as well. Factor in the fact that I am being interviewed by a well-known food blogger and mistakes are bound to happen. I have since learnt to reduce the number of treats and to not offer breakfast (I might write a separate blog on this later!).

I manage to finish my sweet potato brownies, lemon bliss balls and peppermint sandwiches. Thank goodness I made the lemon bliss balls because she absolutely loves them! Mission accomplished! My kitchen is in utter chaos, but at least the food blogger is happy!

When I met Benike and heard the name of her blog, I found it a bit confusing as I understood a “Foodie” as someone who really likes food. Not wanting to look like an idiot though, I only ask her how she came up with the name much later. I am glad to report that Benike does not love people who really like food. She actually likes food only. She just used to refer to food and many other objects in a slightly different way than the rest of us (It must be the Namibian water). Her manner of speaking has since changed, but the name stuck and now you probably don’t think about it twice when you see it popping up all over the place.


I Love Foodies grew to 13 000 Instagram followers in one year and companies now hire Benike to boost their social media image.

She is also very good with showcasing a brand on social media. I mean, look at the review that she wrote on Fria’s Superfoods, I seem amazing! And everything Benike knows and uses has been self-taught in a very limited amount of time. She grew to 13 000 Instagram followers in one year and companies now hire her to boost their social media image.

When Benike doesn’t do write-ups on restaurants, she tries to fit in as many castings as she can. She speaks German, and she is beautiful, so she has been cast in quite a few ads in Germany. If you would like to see just how much the camera loves her, head on over to her official page.

If you decide that you have to also become best friends with Benike, I would suggest starting by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, supply her with lots and lots of food, as long as it doesn’t contain peanuts!


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