Instead of reaching for biscuits and brownies I enjoy Fria’s superfoods snacks on their own or as a tea time or coffee break snack.  My favourites are the lemon bliss balls and black bean truffles!  They’re made per order so they’re always fresh.

I was sceptical at first because like most people I was used to healthy, gluten free, sugar free, chocolate free snacks and foods being pricey and tasting like cardboard. But Fria’s superfoods are delicious and affordable.

She uses good quality ingredients and the treats are sweet, chewy and delicious. ..it’s really hard to believe that they contain no salt, sugars, artifical sweeteners or gluten…instead they contain honey, nuts, pea protein, coconut oil and a host of other ingredients that when they come together yummy little treats are born that are good for you.

Fria’s superfoods can really be enjoyed by anyone and everyone…not only those on strict eating plans.

They will be a treasure find for anyone looking for healthier but good tasting snacking options and definitely heaven sent for those who have many food allergies.

Shanawaz Begum Aziz – Claims handler (Age 30)


That sad moment when the goodie box is empty. How does one manage until the next week? The struggle is real.

Thanks again Fria’s superfoods for the healthy treats that are consistently damn good. To top it all, it tastes better than the sugary processed stuff, is actually good for you and has different textures. If you haven’t tasted Fria’s superfoods, you are missing out, but be careful, you will get hooked!

Eveshen Ponnusamy – Actuarial Analyst (Age 30)

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